Goldmark City

Goldmark City

Goldmark City apartments is a self-contained urban complex built on an area of 12 hectares. It will be a shopping paradise including 5-storey commercial center on thousands of square meters; 9 blocks of 40 floors with nearly 5,000 apartments and luxury amenities such as cinemas, indoor and outdoor pools, gym, spa … With a construction density of 23.3%, the project will bring to visitors clean rows of green space, full of light and closeness to nature.

Goldmark City Apartments  established the Guinness Vietnam Record as “The real estate project having the greatest number of squares.”

  • Water square: 2282m² = 8.6% area of Block A (26523m²)
  • Light square: 1417m² = 15.33% area of Block C (9238m²)
  • Sapphire square: 5236m² = 18.5% area of Block B (28327m²)
  • Rainbow garden: 1923m² = 9% area of Block D (21379m²)

Covering more than 12ha, the investor spent more than 155 billion VND for landscape designing. Goldmark City Apartments will certainly bring to you a Singapore living environment within Hanoi. Whereas the modern & dynamic Ruby Buildings are colorfully decorated with pieces of traditional pottery, Sapphire ones are adorned with aristocratic blue and gentle and delicate architecture as a luxury resort.

  • Total land area: 122,057 m2
  • Building area: 26,579 m2
  • Low density of building: 23.3%
  • Expected number of residents: 12,300
  • Including 4 blocks: A, B, C, D
  • Block A: 04 forty-storey buildings
  • Block B: 05 forty-storey buildings
  • Block C: Office buildings, mall, community services
  • Block D: International  School
  • The entire project has 2 basements with total area of 174,601m2, which are capable to park 5,000 cars.
  • Project name: Goldmark City Apartment Complex 136 Ho Tung Mau
  • Location: 136 Ho Tung Mau, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.
  • Investor: Viet Han Trading – Advertising – Construction – Real Estate Co. Ltd
  • Project’s exclusive manager and developer: TNR Holdings Vietnam.
  • Constructor: Delta / Conteccons
  • Supervisor: Texo

The project is closely linked to arterial roads such as Le Duc Tho Street, Nguyen Co Thach Street, Road 32, Pham Van Dong Street, extended Hoang Quoc Viet Street, etc.

  • Goldmark City apartments is near all major universities such as Vietnam National University, Hanoi National University of Education, Vietnam Commercial University, Academy of Journalism and Communication (1.2 km from Vietnam National University, 1.4 km from Academy of Journalism and Communication)
  • It is near National Conference Center, My Dinh Bus Station, My Dinh Stadium (2.5 km from My Dinh Bus Station, 3km from My Dinh Stadium)
  • Near Hospital 198 (2 km from Hospital 198)
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